Line Earrings – Sterling Silver

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Line Earrings – Sterling Silver
  • Materials:

Sterling silver. In  our blog you can read more about what is exactly sterling silver and how we work with it in Nathnit.

  • Inspiration:

The inspiration of Line Earrings – Sterling Silver are the asymmetry and proportion of the human body.

  • Production:

The creation begins with a sterling silver plate of 0.9mm in which the earrings are cut to size. The edges are polished, step by step at the hands of our jeweler in an artisanal way. All of this is welded to the bolts and re-filed, polished and polished until the result is soft and comfortable to the touch. All Nathnit pieces are unique! You can customize the pieces when placing your order.

  • Care:

Here is a guide to take care of your Nathnit pieces made with sterling silver.

  • Shipping:

You can choose two shipping methods: Correos or Correos Express if you want to enjoy your jewelry as soon as possible. Both modalities include the exclusive and personalized Nathnit packaging. Remember that each piece is handmade when the order arrives, so it takes a few days to do it and have it all ready. The orders usually arrive between 8 and 10 working days after making the purchase effective, but this dates can change.

  • Return policy:

You have 15 days (starting when you receive your pieces) to return the package. If the pieces arrive broken or you have any kind of problem with shipping, contact us! We will be happy to help you if you have any problem. The client must assume the shipping costs back to the studio.

  • Warranty:

FREE repair and refill service for one year from the date you receive your piece. Once the period of the year is over, contact us so we can inform you. The client must assume the shipping costs back to the studio.